Monday, May 25, 2009

Architecture Students Graduation

Did you notice the unique mortar boards worn by the architecture students at the University of Notre Dame during President Barack Obama's recent commencement address there? Turns out, it’s an annual tradition with graduating students from the architecture school at Notre Dame. The students create an assortment of model buildings, bridges, monuments, Ferris wheels or skyscrapers and attach them to the top of their caps to don during graduation ceremonies. A few architecture graduates displayed a model of The White House on their mortar board during commencement cremony at the South Bend, Indian University. Due to the hight of some of the hats, the architecture class seating during the cremony is located in the back rows of the main floor section. This prevents the ineveitable “Down in front” comments if they were seated elsewhere. Check out my other post about architectural costume fashions. Do you know of other buildings hat traditions? Let us know via the comments link below.

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