Thursday, July 23, 2009

Watergate For Sale

The Watergate complex, made famous by the 1972 burglary that led to President Richard Nixon’s resignation, was up for sale recently. The real estate auction attracted no bidders, so its fate is still in question. Architecture fans still have a chance to buy this historic property and own some full-scale buildngs. Otherwise, if you can’t affort the $25 million bid, how about a smaller version of the Watergate? Boym Partners created a souvenir builing of the Watergate as part of the Buildings of disaster. On the miniature is the date June 17, 1972 – the date of the famous Nixon breakin of the Democratic Head quarters. The miniature souvenir buildings are available on the Boym website for $110. The real Watergate office tower is an 11-story office building with a Modern Movement style of architecture on the Potomac River in Washington, D.C. The Watergate was designed in the 1960s by the Italian architect Luigi Moretti and sits next to the Kennedy Center. The complex also contains a hotel, three residential buildings and another office building. The hotel has been closed for several years. The name of the The Watergate was derived from the terraced step area to the west of the Lincoln Memorial that leads down to the Potomac River. The steps used to face a floating performance stage on the Potomac River, creating an amphitheater. This area was originally planned as the official reception area for all dignitaries arriving in Washington, D.C. by water.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how many heads of state come by water into town??? Not many I suppose

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