Monday, November 30, 2009

Architecture Fantasy Camp

Ahh, summer camp. Pack up the kids with t-shirts, swimming suits and mosquito spray. But, how about the adults? Don't we get to play too? If you're a fan of architecture and the architect Frank Lloyd Wright, this camp is for you - Architecture Fantasy Camp. The Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust will host Architecture Fantasy Camps at the home and studio of the one-and-only Frank Lloyd Wright (you know, the Fallingwater guy) Sessions are being offered from March through October at the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio in Oak Park, Ill. Designed for non-architects, participants will work with professionals in the historic drafting room to plan and design their own structure and execute frameable floor plans. No experience of any kind is required for Architecture Fantasy Camp. All you need is a love for the topic and a willingness to put your skills to the test. Professional architects will be on hand to help you plan and design a structure of your own creation, whether it's a new addition to your home, a remodeled kitchen or simply a dream project. And you'll get to do it all from the very place where Wright himself drafted his masterpieces. Also, in related FLW news, you now have an opportunity to “own” a Fallingwater window by contributing to the house’s window glass replacement endowment.

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