Thursday, March 25, 2010

Avian Architecture / Building Birdhouses

Spring is officially here and our thoughts turn to…outdoor flea markets in search of souvenir buildings! Well that, but spring also means blooming flowers and chirping birds.
Those nesting birds with growing families have to live somewhere and we architectural aficionados would not let them live among mere sticks. Avian architecture can take two forms - outdoor bird houses and indoor bird cages. Modernist architecture of bauhaus and obelisks to modern homes have been built as birdhouses. Bird cages can become expensive wooden works of art or vintage folk art. There is even a book on the subject: Architectural Birdhouses: 15 Famous Buildings to Make for Your Feathered Friends


Brad Scalio said...

Is there anywhere to purchase such items? I have looked for a few years at Wild Bird Crossing and other places for similar items, but alas, only find generic "plantation" style houses -- I would love that Chrysler Building house!

Dave said...

Hey Brad, Glad you like the birdhouses. Here are a few places to check out:'s_architectural_birdhouses.htm

Anonymous said...

I love architectural birdhouses! Those are some really cool ones. I bought a few to decorate my garden. I got mine from They're very unique and very pretty.

Unknown said...

These birdhouses are breathtaking! I love the bottom ones, they are amazing! There is so much detail, I never would have thought that they are birdhouses! I would love to have something like this in my home, they are so beautiful.

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