Monday, May 10, 2010

Large Replica of Burj khalifa

The tallest building in the world deserves the tallest souvenir building. Building Collector reader Howie G. visited Dubai recently and sent me photos and information about a very large replica of the Burj khalifa. His keen collector's eye spotted this soaring souvenir at the Dubai Mall which just opened with 1200 stores and is a short walk from the Burj Khalifa building. The photo above on the left shows the replica for sale with a person next to it. Priced at ₤50,000 or US $66,570, this souvenir's price matches the actual building's high elevation. Howie reports that he's unsure what material the replica is made from since they won't let you touch it. From this mall, you can walk underground to the base of the real building and take the elevator up. Another building replica (image on right without the person) is in the waiting area for the tour. The observation deck is on the 124th floor of the building. Even the elevator ride has a skyrocketing price, "It costs about $33 to go to the 124th floor." Howie said. Tours start on the half hour and reservations are required. "However, if you want to pay $125, they will squeeze you in." when you show up Howie discovered. "I bought another replica at the observatory gift shop. Much smaller, maybe 13 inches tall, gold, lucite with fake diamonds for $300. Typical dubai. Looks just like the smaller version we all have but smaller."

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