Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mysterious Tower Replicas

Most collectors of souvenir buildings have similar stipulations for items they collect. While materials of choice can vary, we usually agree that replicas must be 3-dimensional and depict an actual building or monument. Neither fantasy nor generic structures need apply. However, most of us do own some unidentified building replicas. We buy these in the hopes that some day they will be discovered and identified. Recently, I purchased a tower replica the origin of which is unknown by me and some fellow collectors. Standing 10.5 inches tall, it has some age and is well made. Seems to be pot metal with heavy lead content. Notice the onion-shaped top has 8 Star of David's around it which could be a clue. In the doorway, a cherub figure seems to dance. I inquired about the tower with a few other collectors. Both agreed it looked similar to some other towers which are also unidentified. Collector Steve V. has one he purchased from someone who was Polish and was told it might have been a brewery turned into a synagogue someplace near the cities of krakow or Lutz perhaps. I also asked collector David W. thought of the production of Nicholas Muller & Sons, a New York maker of cast metal objects in the late 19th early 20th centuries. "Several, though by no means all objects, made by this company are architectural in form," David wrote. I've written about another unidentified tower in the past. It is still unknown and some collectors believe these two somewhat similar towers could be related. I removed the thermometer from my new tower and confirmed they are indeed both produced by "N. Muller N.Y." and this on has the number 594, while the other is marked 595. David thought the "octagonally-planned tower bears a resemblance to the Staten Island Lighthouse, and may be a replica. Apparently, the current structure has been much altered, I've no idea if the other two are miniatures of real buildings." I'm also beginning to wonder if one or both of these could be bell towers or early observation towers. What do you think? Have any ideas or clues to these mysteries? Give me your tips via the 'Comments' link below.

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Anonymous said...

It does look some what similar to the tower we have no ideal about by the Muller's. The bottom looks the same to me. I still feel they must be from the NYC area. Maybe if we knew where the Muller's were from it might also give us an ideal of what these pieces might be. SD

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