Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hung Hom Station Souvenir Building

The first time I saw this building replica of the Hung Home Station, it reminded me of the Colorado Federal Savings Bank. Both buildings have a distinctive wavy or W-shaped roof. The Hung Hom Station model measures 4" inches wide by 2" inches deep at the base and 1.25" inches tall. It sits on a base inscribed with the words "Hung Hom Station" in English on one side and in Chinese characters on the other. Hung Hom Station, formerly known as Kowloon Station, is a station on the East Rail Line and West Rail Line in Hong Kong. Built in 2004, It is located in Hung Hom, Kowloon. Hung Hom Station is one of the three Hong Kong ports-of-entry on the MTR network, along with Lo Wu Station and Lok Ma Chau Station. Hung Hom serves as the southern terminus of both East Rail Line and West Rail Line, as well as the terminus of cross-border. The similarly-styled replica of the Denver bank branch building was made by Banthrico. In Redwine's book, its Plate 562 and has a rarity rating D. In Oldham's 2001 Banthrico guide,its listed as rarity 'D.' Tokyo Tower replicas are often confused with the those of the Eiffel Tower. Do you know of other buildings which look alike and have souvenir buildings made?

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