Thursday, September 16, 2010

Miniature Monuments on Mad Men

Are you a mad man or mad woman? Do you dig the dapper Don, perky Peggy and fabulous furniture? Watchers with keen eyes during the AMC TV show, Mad Men, might have noticed the souvenir buildings. During this past Sunday's episode (Season 4, episode 8: The Summer Man), Joan walks into Lane's office. On his desk sits an Empire State Building souvenir and behind him is a Statue of Liberty replica. Lane, a British character, seems to be taking a shine to his new New York home and wants to be surrounded by souvenirs. He might also just look out of his Madison Avenue window to see the real thing, but who's asking. Have you seen souvenir replicas on TV shows or Movies lately? In the past, I've written about sightings on Heros, Cold Case and the B&W movie The Lavender Hill Mob.

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