Monday, January 10, 2011

Rare Moscow Kremlin Souvenir on Exhibit

The National Archives, in partnership with the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, will feature a small, changing selection of rarely displayed items. Original documents and three-dimensional objects including a rare souvenir building are on display. The highlight for building collectors is the bronze cast of Moscow’s Kremlin complex, given to Ronald Reagan by Mikhail Gorbachev following Reagan’s visit to the Soviet Union in 1988. The style and material seems to be the same as other bronze souvenir replicas of various Russian buildings with marble bases. The exhibit in this Washington, D.C. museum is in recognition of the Ronald Reagan Centennial. Other items in the exhibit will include three pages of President Reagan's “Evil Empire” speech with his hand-written edits, and fragments of the first U.S. missile destroyed after the signing of the INF Treaty.

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Anonymous said...

Not only did RR get one of these but the East German Government as well. Given out to High Dignitaries throughout the world. SD

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