Wednesday, August 10, 2011

City Models Around the World

Souvenir building collectors display their collections together and create mini cities and skylines. Some miniature replicas are grouped by specific city, while other collectors place buildings randomly thereby creating amalgamated cities. Other models are created of entire cities. Pat S. sent this tip about a model called Knuffingen Airport which is based on Hamburg, Germany’s airport. Other city models I’ve found include a post-war bombed model of Hannover, Germany and a floating blue model of buildings in the Netherlands. A detailed model of Moscow takes up and entire room. But, the Queens Museum of Art claims to have the world's largest architectural model Entitled the Panorama of the City of New York.


Anonymous said...

Hi, the post WW model is at the town hall in Hannover not in Frankfurt.

Dave said...

Good catch, thanks. I'll correct it.

Mark M said...

Not quite accurate in layout or design but Roadside America in PA is a pre 1950's miniature town made by hand.

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