Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tips for Displaying a Collection

If you have more than three of something, then that’s a collection. Now, what do you do with them? How do you display it? Do you even display it or pack it away. If you’re a true collector, you need to display it. Show it off. Let the world, or at least anyone who knows you, see your collection in all its glory. But what’s the best way to present a collection? Building collectors have various styles from purchased shelving or custom build shelving, open or contained, taking over a house or a room dedicated to the collection. I did some research to see who other collectors display and garner tips and ideas for displays. There are tips to starting a collection and what you might collect. “Grouping is what empowers any collection, and transforms it from clutter into something beautiful and interesting. When each item has its place, within a context that enhances its characteristics, your true sense of style begins to speak to the viewer. Edit your collection. It will make it continually stronger as you evaluate which things you really love (and keep down on the clutter vibe).” Sometimes collections are integrated into a home’s design in smaller, edited portions. Collections can also be displayed on top of another collection as in this ink about cigarette lighters displayed atop a collection of pipe organ pipes. Perhaps a collection is part of a vignette used in your interior’s design. However displayed, a collection should be out and enjoyed. Do you have tips or suggestions for collecting displays?

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Brad Scalio said...

I also like grouping according to "color or material" ... most people don't like say resin or plastic, but if you group clear plastic together, or resin together in a single shelf, it then looks quite interesting and lifts the "non-traditional" souvenir buildings to a higher level.

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