Sunday, July 8, 2012

Metal Marvel 3D Laser Cut Buildings

I noticed these online, but was a bit skeptical. Yes they are made of metal, but it’s sheet metal and you have to assemble them yourself. The series of Metal Marvel replicas are laser cut out of one flat sheet.
As I have yet to see a nice metal version of the new One World Trade center building under construction in N.Y., I ordered a replica of that one to see what the quality is like. It arrived in an envelope with instructions for assembly. Now, I won’t say a degree in engineering is required to put it together, but it was a bit of a challenge due to the small parts. The instructions say needle-nose pliers are suggested, but I’d say they are required. Basically, you remove the individual parts from the main sheet by moving them back and forth to snap the attachments. Then you carefully fold some pieces and place the tabs into corresponding holes. This process takes patience, and remember to twist the tabs a bit like you would a screw driver to lock them in place rather than try to bend them over. Another word of advice is not to bend any part too many times as it will eventually brake. Overall, I’m happy with the three-dimensional result. It’s a nice looking replica with good detail that fits in well with other souvenir buildings. Metal Marvel makes replicas of a number of buildings and bridges including:

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