Saturday, July 14, 2012

SBCS 2012 Convention in Toronto

This year’s Souvenir Building Collector’s Society’s convention in Toronto, Canada I’m told was a success. Host Mark F. organized a full weekend of activities. During the business portion of the meeting, Joe K. was elected the new president of the society.  The 3-day event included architectural tours of the city, the very-popular sale & swap of building replicas and a show & tell time in which attendees were asked to bring an interesting or rare replica and talk about the real building, the miniature or a story about how they acquired it. The Saturday dinner, raffle and live auction were also a big hit as was the visit to Mark’s home and collection. Next year, the annual convention will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Below are some photos sent to me by Joe K. Club member Tarun also uploaded photos to Flickr and Lara G. shared some on her Facebook page for everyone to see.

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