Sunday, September 16, 2012

The ‘Big E’ Erie County Savings Bank Buffalo New York Souvenir Building

Banthrico made a metal coin bank replica of this building which stands 6.5 inches tall as a gift in the 1980's when someone opened a bank account. The real ‘Big E’ or Erie County Savings Bank in downtown Buffalo, N.Y. was sold to Marine Midland Bank and is now One HSBC Center. The building was constructed between 1969 and 1972 in the modernist style architecture. The building's design is similar to that of the 33 South Sixth building in Minneapolis. Today, the 40-story building still dominates the Buffalo skyline, at 529 feet (161 m), or 161.2 meters high. The office building spans the southern end of Main Street, under which the Buffalo Metro Rail passes. (I recently visited Buffalo, N.Y. and toured some of the rich architectural heritage of that city. This post is part of a series about miniature architecture of Buffalo The other posts can be found here.)


John Marko said...

The is now the Main Place Tower - it was NEVER part of the Marine Midland or later HSBC properties.

Your are confusing it with the Marine Midland now HSBC tower - a 40 story tower that straddles Main Street about 10 blocks away from the Main Place Tower building which is only about 26 stories and is in former Shelton Square.

Dave said...

Hi John,

You're right! Here is more info on the Main Place Tower:

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