Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wooden Box Replicas of FLW Buildings

The Larkin Administration Building was Frank Lloyd Wright's office building built for the Larkin Company in Buffalo, New York in 1906. Tragically, the real building was demolished in the 1950's. You can own a miniature model of this building hand-crafted from wood. This is not an exact model but an homage to that wonderful building. The top of the box lifts off revealing an inner tray lined with lacewood. This in turn lifts out to uncover two more trays that lift out as well. These two trays are divided so as to suggest the inner atrium in the original building. The last two compartments are in the end sections of the roof. All six compartments are lined with black velvet. A similar replica is made of the Unity Temple, the Frank Lloyd Wright designed church in Oak Park, Illinois. According to the web site, Jay Rogers of Cambridge, Massachusetts, building these building boxes. These remind of the Cigar Humidors made to look like famous buildings or the wooden desk I wrote about previously. 

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