Monday, December 3, 2012

Russian Brass Buildings on Marble Bases

Most building collectors have at least a few or maybe many of these very well made souvenirs of structures in Russia. They all seem to have been produced by the same company with similar characteristics – cast in brass and mounted to a marble base. The marble is often black or green, but sometimes white or gray. If you’re like me, you’ve wondered how many souvenir buildings were made in this series? Fellow collector Steve V. suggested I do a survey of other collectors and create a definitive list with photos of what was produced in this style.  

This will be an ever-changing blog post as I get more information from readers. Please send me any photos you have of buildings you don’t see here. Know the name of one unidentified? Let me know what it is and I’ll update. Send info and photos to:    The names appear under the photo and I have numbered them only for ease of communication.

1 Bolshoi Theater in Moscow 

St. Nicholas or Nikolskaya Tower  

3 Borovitskaya Tower Gate

4 Spasskaya Tower or Saviour Tower   

5 Trinity Gate and Kutafya Tower

6 Lenin's Tomb

7 Vodovzvodnaya Tower or Water Pump Tower

8 Church of Annunciation in Taininskoe

Cathedral of Archangel Michael in Moscow

10 Church of the Assumption in Kondopoga

11 Ivan The Great Bell Tower

12 Unidentified 

13 Church of the Intercession


15 Church of Christ the Savior in Moscow

16 Golden Gate of Vladimir

17 Unidentified 

18  Kolomenskoye near Moscow

19 Saint Isaac's Cathedral or Isaakievskiy Sobor in St. Petersburg

20 Unidentified 

21 Saint Basils at the Kremlin

22  Transfiguration & Intercession Churches with Bell Tower on Kizhi Island  

23 Cathedrals of the Assumption and Archangel Michael 

24 Peter & Paul Cathedral inside fortress

25 Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg

26  Monument to the Conquerors of Space

27  Bronze Horseman statue of Peter the Great 
in St. Petersburg

28 Kutusov Monument 
a memorial to the Battle of
Borodino in Gorki

29 Kremlin's Tsar Cannon Monument

Another rare replica of similar characteristics is the entire Kremlin complex souvenir given to President Ronald Reagan.  Thanks to the following collectors who sent photos and info to me for this project:  Steve V.,  Scott D.,  Bob E.,  Ward S.,  Russell K., David W., You?

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