Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Artist Alexandre Arrechea’s Building Sculptures

At first glance, these sculptures look as though they were extruded from a building-shaped play-doh toy. Then, you realized they are made of cold, hard steel. The snake-like buildings seem to unroll like a coiled fire hose. Artist  Alexandre Arrechea’s vision of the Met Life, CitiCorp, Empire State Building and Chrysler Building are represented. Building Collector reader Howie G. sent me a tip about this exhibit. For three months beginning March 1, 2013 through June 9, a public art series known as No Limit will line New York’s Park Avenue with 10 different sculptures some of which reach a height of 20 feet. The artist also makes metal bridges and buildings atop rotating tops. Arrechea's watercolors, video work and smaller sculptures will also be displayed at Phillips's Park Avenue gallery in New York in April. In case any building fans want to add some of these to their collection, all of the pieces are for sale – including those that weigh 12,000 pounds. View the video, below, about the artist and preparing for the exhibit. 

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