Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ceremonial Mace with Architectural Design

When you hear the word, ‘mace,’ what do you envision? A brand of tear gas or pepper spray? A spice similar to nutmeg? A weapon with a heavy head on a solid shaft used to bludgeon opponents?  Well, all of these are true, but there is only one that architectural fans might find of interest. The ceremonial mace an ornamented mace used in civic ceremonies and they sometimes have an architectural design. The White Tower Mace was used during a commemoration service for the 500th Anniversary of the death of King Henry VII at Westminster Abbey in England, see photo above. Colleges also use building-like ceremonial maces including Elon University, Iowa State University, Augustana College has a wooden version and the Madrid Museum has ceremonial maces and lantern dating to the 15th Century. 


Hugh Walter said...

Hi Dave - technically it's a 'staff' rather than a mace and is the staff of office of the Chief Warder, I covered the toy versions here;...

...a year or two ago. Love your Blog and follow it regularly, just don't often have much to add!


Dave said...

Hi Hugh,

Thanks for the clarification. A building replica by any other name would look as sweet.

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