Sunday, May 11, 2014

125th Anniversary of the Eiffel Tower & Souvenir Replicas

In 1889, the Eiffel Tower officially opened in Paris built as the entrance arch for that year's World's Fair 125 years ago. More than 250 workers erected the structure, which included 18,038 wrought-iron sections that were bolted together with 2.5 million rivets. Designed by Gustave Eiffel, the 1,000-foot tall landmark was not an immediate hit, with many at the time questioning its aesthetic value. Originally built as a temporary structure, the tower has stood the test of time. Today, it is an iconic Parisian monument that defines the city's landscape and remains the tallest structure in France. Miniature souvenirs of the Eiffel Tower could be the most common building replica produced. Tourists and architectural fans love the romance of the Tour Eiffel. Replicas have been made in every material, every color and every imaginable dual purpose. Sewing pin cushions, key chains, gyroscope top stands, ring holders, candles, lamps, bottles, ash trays, Salt & Pepper Shakers, needle cases, banks, and even a hookah smoker. Some models are cheap, while others are finely details and expensive. Some replicas can be dated by their details. When the tower was first built, the first level had a series of domed arches or
scallops, but were been removed as part of the complete rearrangement of the first floor in preparation for the International Exposition of 1937. So, if you have an older, lead replica showing the arches, you can safely believe it was made before 1937. Eiffel tower souvenirs even stared in an old movie named "Lavender Hill Mob."  Movie star Christie Brinkley loves Eiffel tower replicas. Back in 2008, a staircase from the Eiffel Tower was auctioned. Check out this data-filled and informative video about the Eiffel tower.

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