Sunday, December 18, 2016

Omsk Fire Tower Russian Souvenir Building

This souvenir building represents the Pozharnaya Kalancha, or Fire Tower, in Omsk, Russia. (in Russian: Омская пожарная каланча) The metal replica is on a large base and is flanked by metal trees. Thank you to fellow collector, Brad S., for identifying this replica. The souvenir has the word, ‘OMCKb ‘ on the base meaning Omsk in English. A label on the bottom of the replica is pictured below and reads in part,  "Souvenir Fire Kalancha (tower)  Price 24,80 rub (about 39 cents in today’s exchange rate) Omsk, USSR.”  Built in 1915, the real tower is one of the oldest buildings in Omsk, the tower is now a monument and registered landmark located at Internatsionalnaya Street, 41. When built, it was the highest building in the city standing 32 meters. From atop of the fire tower, firemen watched over the city because most of the buildings were made from wood at that time. The city of Omsk, established in In 1716, is one of the largest cities in Russia and the capital of the Omsk region.  In 1890, with the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway, the town began to grow quickly and received the official status of the capital of Western Siberia and Steppe (present Kazakhstan). In 1910, the Siberian Exposition of Agriculture and Industry was held in Omsk. After the exposition, Omsk received a nickname “Siberian Chicago.”

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