Saturday, August 17, 2013

SBCS Commemorative Souvenir Buildings

The Souvenir Building Collector’s Society (SBCS) holds a convention each year in a different city.  For many recent years, the convention registration fee has included a commemorative souvenir-building replica from the host city. Fellow collector, Carolyn, wondered how many commemorative buildings have been produced the annual convention. Thank you to collectors Carolyn C., Joe K., Carol D, Ward S. and Bob K. who contributed to compiling this list and finding photos.  

1994    Pasadena (held at Bob K's house and billed as "The Third Annual Miniature Souvenir Building Convention," The first two unofficial souvenir building gatherings were held at Margaret & David's, and maybe in New York)

1995    NYC:  Chrysler building replicas on black marble base with a limited production of 200 were sold for $49.95 by Dixie T.  They stood 6.5 inches tall and had a bright silver finish mounted on a black marble base that was marked, “1995.”
1996    No convention

1997    Washington DC:  The Octagon House (AIA HQ) made by Microcosms was offered for sale.

1998    Los Angeles:  LAX Theme Building made by Microcosms was offered for sale.
1999    Chicago

2000    NYC

2001    Montreal, Canada

2002    San Francisco: Coit Tower by Microcosms (first year for convention commemorative building included in the price of registration)

2003    Gettysburg  (no commemorative)

2004    Seattle: The Exchange Building

2005    Philadelphia:  Masonic Temple

 2006    Baltimore:  Lord Baltimore Hotel

2007    Dallas: Reunion Tower       

2008    Charlottesville: The UVA Rotunda

2009    Pasadena: Pasadena City Hall

2010    Stamford: CitiCorp Tower (made of Lucite)

2011    Washington D.C.:  National Building Museum

2012    Toronto:  Old Toronto City Hall

2013    Minneapolis: Foshay Tower


Anonymous said...

Part of the joy of my collections is re-living the memories associated with the object. This article triggers many adventures surrounded in great fellowship. Thanks for pulling this all together. Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Seeing these buildings brings back some neat memories. 1997 - we did a tour of the Octagon House as part of the convention. Margaret and David had an exhibit of their buildings in the Octagon House. 1998 We had dinner on Saturday night in the Restaurant at LAX airport. 2005 The group toured the Masonic Temple. 2006 we stayed at the Lord Baltimore Hotel. Great memories. Thank you for this. Carol

K. Isbell said...

How nice to see these all together and realize that I have a great many of these. The conventions are always the highlight of my collecting year.

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